30th Birthday Party…Tea. Cake. Booze.

It’s not every day you get asked to photograph a 30th birthday party. A 30th birthday party that includes cake, a tiara, booze, tea with Disney’s Miss Potts & Chip, sparkling confetti and the adorable lug that is Prince Boji. My friends are a high priority, even with requests that require a second take. I didn’t know what to expect going into this session, but it quickly became a blast. You see, Linsey Prunty of LC Design in Pipestone, is a fellow design alum. We both come from intense academic design curriculums. We know criticism (sometimes not constructive), our mothers are fierce critics, we understand the elements and principles of what makes good design, we understand design is not for the sake of being pretty but rather serving a function while being pretty, and we both despise the font Comic Sans. Linsey gives great attention to detail, and her interior design background would make her a valued photo stylist in my studio. Every prop and wacky element had a place in this photo shoot, because she had conceptualized and executed her ideas flawlessly. This was soooo much fun.