Calumet Players “The Marvelous Wonderettes”

It was such a pleasure to work on another show. This cast was phenomenally talented. They worked flawlessly as an ensemble, and stunning as soloists. Our audiences at the Pipestone Performing Arts really enjoyed this production – I think the trip down memory lane with 50’s and 60’s pop music was a treat for many.

“The thing about theatre people…We let ourselves fall into these romances…six week love affairs with a piece of art, a cast of family members (often loved, sometimes hated, always family), a character, a song, a dance… a role. And we let these romances become our lives. They consume us. We think of them when we wake. We dream of them when we sleep. They are what we live for. But only for a moment. Never for too long. Because then the show closes. And the affair ends. And we mourn the closing. But again, not for long. Because on the horizon is another beauty, just waiting for us to fall in love with and devote ourselves to it. To fall into another tryst with the art-form we are so enamored with. To dance again with our fickle mistress. But only for a little while…And then again, she’s gone.”

Written & Created by Roger Bean
Musical Arrangements by Brian William Baker
Orchestrations by Michael Borth
Vocal Arrangements by Roger Bean & Brian William Baker

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2O4A9812Bronwyn Jones, Director

2O4A9802Emily Blaeser as Missy

2O4A9789Diana Brecher as Suzy Simpson

2O4A9792Jessica Potts as Betty Jean “BJ”

2O4A9800Samantha Fleet as Cindy Lou