Heroes of Yesterday

I had the pleasure and honor of photographing WWII Veterans of Ridge View Estates in Pipestone. This collection of images is part of a larger effort on behalf of Ridge View to honor those who have served our country during this Veteran’s Day Holiday… and everyday. It was my goal to capture the raw personalities of these heroes. I believe there is something so poetic and visually stunning with the juxtaposition of these men, casually posed, and some wearing parts of their service uniform. It’s raw, but so real. I am thankful that these men gave a few minutes of their time in front of my camera.

2017-11-11_00012017-11-11_00022017-11-11_00032017-11-11_00042017-11-11_0008Army boots on sandy flag background2017-11-11_00102018-11-11_0001